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Frequently asked questions about LED strip lights

  • Can you cut your own LED light bar?
  • Yes, our LED light bars can be cut to the length you want. You can cut a section every 5 cm!

  • How to install LED strip lights?
  • The 3M double-sided adhesive on the back of the LED strip allows the strip to be mounted in most locations. Please be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of all dust and particles before installing the strip. Some surfaces may require you to take additional measures to hold the strip in place. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

  • What is the lumen (luminous efficacy) of LED strip lights?
  • This is the quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other product that produces light, as seen by the human eye. In other words, it's a way for us to measure how much light is being produced. When comparing LED strips, you need to compare lumen output as well as CRI, watts per foot.

  • What is the color temperature of the LED strip?
  • The color of light can be quantified by reference to its color temperature. White light is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). Most white light falls in the spectrum between 1800K and 6200K. As the light drops below 3000K, the light becomes significantly warmer. At the other end of the spectrum, the lights become cooler and emit a blue tint as they rise above 6500K.

    You should choose a color temperature that complements the style, ambiance or intent of your space. We recommend using warmer tones for accent or ambient lighting and cooler tones for office areas, industrial areas or task-specific areas. If guidance is needed, please consult with one of our lighting experts.


  • How long is the service life of LED light bar?
  • Our LED lights are rigorously tested to have an expected life of 50,000 hours and then will drop to 70% brightness. This means that if you use the lights for 12 hours a day, they will have an expected life of over 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will remain 70% brighter. High output light bars require heat sinks to achieve the expected life span or even longer.

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